Jodo – What will you learn?


A Jo is a round stick made of oak.  It  is 128cms in length and 2.4cms in diameter.

The art of wielding the short staff / Jo-staff / Jo is a traditional martial art of Japan; it is aimed at self-defence against an attack; it enables you to suppress your enemy’s offence: and its spirit is to give him a lesson without inflicting a wound.

Chain & Sickle

Kenjutsu refers to techniques used once the sword is drawn. In Mugai-Ryu long and short wooden swords called bokuto/ bokken are used to practice the actual application of skills with an opponent.

Tanjo – Walking Stick

The Tanjo contains a set of techniques made for the modern day world by using objects of moderate length such as umbrella, canes, and more.

Coming soon.

— R. Miyamoto

“Training in Jodo under Yonaitis Sensei has been great fun and incredibly fulfilling. His knowledge and experience of the art is immediately apparent, but he’s great at meeting me where I stand in ability and is exceptionally good at guiding his students to be the best they can be. I can wholeheartedly recommend it.” — J. Hadley