Iaido – What will you learn?


iai refers to the techniques used to draw the blade, the initial cut, and resheathing the blade all in a controlled manner. This is often practiced with a practice blade, and adult practitioners eventually move to live blades.


Kenjutsu refers to techniques used once the sword is drawn. In Mugai-Ryu long and short wooden swords called bokuto/ bokken are used to practice the actual application of skills with an opponent.

Tameshi Giri – Test cutting

Tameshi-giri is an the act of using a live blade to test your cutting techniques. Typically this is done with a soaked and rolled bamboo mat with a support in the center.


Jujutsu techniques involve empty hand techniques, as well as empty hand vs sword techniques with one or more opponents.

Mokusou – Meditation

The aspects of meditation in martial arts can be as straight forwards as breathing exercises before and after class or as difficult to achieve as meditation in motion while performing complex techniques.