Additional Development

Mokusou – Meditation

The aspects of meditation in martial arts can be as straight forwards as breathing exercises before and after class or as difficult to achieve as meditation in motion while performing complex techniques.

Aikido – Foundations

Aikido’s fundamental principles include: irimi[7] (entering), atemi,[8][9] kokyu-ho (breathing control), sankaku-ho (triangular principle) and tenkan (turning) movements that redirect the opponent’s attack momentum. Its curriculum comprises various techniques, primarily throws and joint locks.[10] It also includes a weapons system encompassing the bokkentantō and .

Okinawan Karate – Shitō-ryū

Shitō-ryū is a form of karate that was founded in 1934 by Kenwa Mabuni. Shitō-ryū is synthesis of the Okinawan Shuri-te and Naha-te schools of karate and today is considered one of the four main styles of the art. Wikipedia

Overall Fitness

Fitness is achieved both in the dojo and at home. We go over methods to practice your skills at home, stay/get in shape, and more.

Kendo – Basics

Putting sword skills to the test agains an opponent with a bamboo sword while wearing protective padding.