Mr. Yonaitis in keikogi

Ryan Yonaitis

Director – MugaiRyu USA

Mr. Ryan Yonaitis has been studying martial arts for over 26 years, including Iaido, Jodo, Taekwondo, Kung-fu, Karate, Aikido, Judo, kenpo, and more.   

He is currently teaching Japanese swordsmanship (iaido) as the head of the USA for the style of MugaiRyu Shiokawa-Ha, in direct lineage under the Japanese Grandmaster Okazaki Hiroto (Soke), in addition to Tanaka Sensei (Renshi) , and several other masters, whom Mr. Yonaitis trained under for the 6 years he was in Japan. During this time he became an All-Japan Champion in both Iaido and Jodo. 

Yonaitis Sensei is currently teaching;

  • Traditional Japanese Swordsmanship /Kenjutsu (USA Director – 4th Degree black belt) sword vs sword and other weapons 
  • Traditional Japanese jo-staff (2nd Degree Black) mid-length staff vs the sword and other weapons 
  • Taekwondo (2nd degree black) Korean martial art specializing in kicking techniques 
  • Okinawan Karate (with open hand and weapon techniques)
  • Japanese language 
  • + more